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The "AREA" Arlington Real Estate Association of Investors was formed in January of 2006 in Arlington, Texas. It currently has more than 30,000 members on its mailing list. Not all members have signed up with meetup at this time. Members are mostly active investors but there are a number of real estate support people who regularly attend.   Dennis Henson, full time investor and inventor of, is the organizer.  AREA's purpose is to provide a forum for networking with other real estate investors and support people. A free training class is taught at each meeting by an experienced professional real estate investor.  Support materials for our meetings may be found at Real Estate Investor Training.   Just look at what some of our members have to say about the meetings...

"Awesome!" - Matt

Dennis has a passion that shows through in his demeanor. He is very experienced and is extremely inviting to all who attend. He picks his topics wisely and has excellent rapport with the group." Frank Curtin

"Spectacular! I will attend next month. " Teresa Wilhite

Past topics for these classes have included:
* Prospecting
* Nothing Down Deals
* Funding Your Real Estate Investments
* Rent-To-Own vs Lease Option
* Determining Value and Preparing To Make Profitable Offers
* Why Invest In Real Estate
* How To Get Started Investing In Real Estate
* A Dozen Ways To Buy Real Estate With Very Little Or None Of Your Own Money
* How To Improve Your Credit Score By 50 Points With Little Effort And No Cost
* Time Management for the Real Estate Investor
* How to Build Wealth Investing in Real Estate
* Getting Rich in a Buyer's Market
* Buying Property "Subject To"
* Finding Good Deals
* Short Sales
* What it Takes for Real Estate Investors To Succeed
* Making Money Purchasing Homes at Auctions
* 5 Things Needed to Put Together a Good Bid
* Selling Houses in Lightening Speed
* Judgement Recovery System
* The 5 M's of Real Estate Investing
* Probate Property
* Making Big Money Wholesaling Property
* Buying Homes Scheduled for Foreclosure
* The Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine
* Buying Property on the Courthouse Steps
* Are You Dumb Enough to be Rich in Today's Market
* 1031 Exchanges
* How to Sell in Any Market by Understanding Comps
* Multi-family Millions
* Real Estate Wealth on Auto Pilot
* Private Money
*Collecting Fast Cash Buying Free & Clear Houses

"These meetings have been great. Good information & great networking.". Steve K.

Meetings are interactive and participation by the attendees is encouraged. Each year a number of nationally famous guest make presentations to the group. Some of our guests have included Best selling author Bill Barnett, HomeVestors President Dr. John Hayes, Jackie Lange and Larry Goins to name a few. Later this year we have scheduled nation real estate super stars Richard Roop and Mike Butler.  In addition to the free monthly meetings AREA offers it's members monthly advanced real estate investment training classes, workshops and even a real estate training trips and cruses.

"Every meeting leaves me wishing I didn't have to wait a month for next one." Ron Strebeck

Visit Real Estate Investor Training for reports and training materials on real estate investing.

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Real Estate Investors receive free training classes and meet fellow investors and support people!  Come to our Real Estate Investors and Landlords Meeting and network with veteran investors, discuss the newest strategies, find the best sources of capital and everything about property investing. Everyone is welcome!


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Name Type From Date Location
Pay off your Mortgage in 5-7 Years and save big on Interest - Fargo, ND Meetup 12-31-2033 Fargo, ND
Name Type From Date Location
Party, Case Study and Panel Discussion Meetup 12-16-2017 Bob Duncan Center
"The Credit Game" AREA Elite Meetup 11-18-2017 Bob Duncan Center
Six Figure Returns from Apartments Meetup 10-28-2017 Bob Duncan Center
Benefits of Using Land Trusts Meetup 10-21-2017 Bob Duncan Center
The Most Advanced Affordable Asset Protection Strategies Meetup 10-02-2017 Crown Plaza Suites
The "EZ Rent-To-Own" System Meetup 09-16-2017 Bob Duncan Center
Sell Faster & Get More with Owner Financing Meetup 08-19-2017 Bob Duncan Center
Getting CASH at Closing! Meetup 06-17-2017 Bob Duncan Center
Executive Owner Financing Investment Strategy Meetup 06-05-2017 Crown Plaza Suites
Building Business Credit Meetup 05-20-2017 Bob Duncan Center
Wholesale/Flipping Meetup 04-15-2017 Bob Duncan Center
Larry Goins at AREA Meetup 03-25-2017 Bob Duncan Center
Finding Private Money Meetup 03-18-2017 Bob Duncan Center
Earn More Than 100% Profit on Every House Full Day Training Meetup 03-11-2017 Bob Duncan Center
13 Secrets to Maximize Your Real Estate Marketing Meetup 03-06-2017 Crown Plaza Suites
Probate = Motivated Sellers & Big Profits! Meetup 02-18-2017 Bob Duncan Center
Six Figure Returns from Apartments Meetup 02-06-2017 Crown Plaza Suites
Flipping Foreclosures & Vacant Homes Meetup 01-28-2017 Crown Plaza Suites
The Most Powerful Tool in Real Estate Investing Meetup 01-21-2017 Bob Duncan Center